Infrared photography requires a special modified camera that’s allows the camera to pick up light beyond the visible spectrum. The human eye can typically see wavelengths from 380 to 740 nanometers. The images in this portfolio captures light just beyond what the human eye can see, around 830 nanometers. This technique gives the photograph a surreal, ethereal and magical feeling. Trees and living plants tend to glow bright white, skies become darker and contrast increases.


Chasing the Light

Floating Tree

Low Tide

Train to Denali

Long Way to the Top

In Search of the Light


Emerald Bay


Magick Well

Over the Hills

Gazos Rock

Muddy Waters

Saint Paul the Apostle

Perfect Day

Three Rocks

The Storm is Coming

The Wizard Tree

On My Way

The Leaning Tree

Road to Nowhere

Train Out Of Town

In Harmony

Looking Down On The World


Below Zero

Sunday Drive

Nenana River

Looking Up on the World

Rustic Passage

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