The photography project, Lucidity explores the use of a Lensbaby Muse. This toy camera lens takes away some of the control you typically have with contemporary photography. There’s no auto focus, but just the pressure you push on the lens which brings the image in and out of focus. This adds to the dreamlike effect you see in this collection of images illustrating lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams are dreams where the dreamer is aware that they are in a dream state. This sometimes allows the dreamer to be in control of the other “reality”. The amount of control that one has will greatly vary between the individual having the dream and the dream its self. Having had a good number of Lucid dreams throughout my life, I can recall being able to rewind and fast forward the timeline of the dream, being able to leave and change scenes in the dream, or sometimes just being aware of the dream and going along for the ride. Lucidity, is an attempt to recall these dreams and create new dreamscapes.


“and I could finally rest”

“The Window I Fell Out Of”

“and i stepped into paradise”

“I Strolled to the Edge of the World”

“and I just let go”

“And I Lost My Faith”

“The Flat That I Escaped To”

“And All I Could Recall Was the Number 5”

“And I Could Feel As If I Was Being Watched”

“and she gave me a taste of poison”

“And I Could Feel Loneliness”

“all i could remember was the torn umbrella”

“And There Was Finally No More Pain”

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