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Why you should watermark your photographs.

Watermarking your images is a great way to establish your brand and identity. The only reason I can comprehend not watermarking your images, is that you don’t care about them that much in the first place. These days images online get shared and passed around so freely that the only way to insure that you might get a little recognition is the watermark.

Every time I post a photograph online, I question:
1. Do I care if people recognize that I took this photograph?
2. Do I care if people randomly share this image and not type a credit line?
3. Do I care if people download?
4. Do I want credit for the work that I created?

I personally like watermarks. It lets me know who took the photograph and if I see a particular watermark multiple times, I start to remember it. In essence, your watermark is your brand. Why not take credit for your work? After all your work consists of both your time and energy. You own those- why not own your photographs?

Keep in mind that when I create commercial images, I’m being hired to do a job. As a result, my clients don’t receive watermarked images unless they are proofs or low resolution. I never watermark or post high resolution images, unless proper royalties for the photograph are considered.

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