Photography Portfolio

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
~Dorothea Lange

Photographer, Curtis Finger started working with photography at the early age of 8. By the time high school came around, he was printing nonstop in the darkroom and experimenting with a new photographic tool, Photoshop3. Shortly after started a job in a photography lab where he witnessed the change from film to digital. At the time when the labs were closing he was opening doors that got him in assisting on many high-end projects. He’s assisted on assignments that ranged from lighting skyscrapers, to Ferrari’s and corporate portraits. When the economy crashed in 2008 he started his transition from assisting to becoming an architectural photographer. Keeping traditional lighting techniques alive he blends skills from the film world to the ever-changing digital platform.
"Pretty good at photography. Not a master at the piano."
~Finger Photography

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